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Stray Kids POB Photocards from Pilot: For 5STAR

Stray Kids POB Photocards from Pilot: For 5STAR

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 Price for direct Payment in Korean Won Via Wise is:

Bangchan A or B - W15,000
Lee Know A or B - W18,000
Changbin A or B - W13,000
Hyunjin A or B - W18,000
Han A or B - W15,000
Felix A or B - W18,000
Seungmin A or B - W15,000
IN A/B - W13,000 

and Local KR Shipping fee is W6,000 per package.


 Price for direct Payment in PH Peso Via BDO or BPI Bank is:

Bangchan A or B - P682
Lee Know A or B - P818
Changbin A or B - P591
Hyunjin A or B -  P818
Han A or B - P682
Felix A or B -  P818
Seungmin A or B - P682
IN A or B - P591

and Local KR Shipping fee is P273 per package.


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 Please bear in mind that sizes and contents may differ depending on any issues with the production company.

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 Outbox is use to protect the product inside, exchange nor refunds due to stains or damage that may occur during the distribution process is not available. If there is an instance that the items have fine scratches or fine lines, white dots, dots or coloration in that is already imprints on the products inside due to manufacturing process, please understand that these are normal and this is not a subject or reason for return, refund, cancelation, or exchange. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE ON IT.

 PLEASE DO NOT RUSH IN SHIPPING! WE ARE GETTING MANY ORDERS FROM DIFFERENT SELLING FLATFORM. There is no shipping every holiday and weekend. Please understand that have no control on couriers shipping system once the package is out for shipping. Thank you.

 Upon arrival of the item, please do unboxing video WITHOUT CUT OR PAUSE FROM OPENING (SHOWING ALL THE SIDES OF THE BOX) TO TRYING OR CHECKING THE DETAILS OF THE MERCHANDISE for dispute purposes. We don't refund or accept returns if Unboxing video is missing.


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