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I can purchase in any Korean websites for you. I just don't accept item looking.

I only accept links with details to avoid mistakes in ordering since many kpop merch have almost same name and images. I cannot help you buy or deal in Bunjang finds or Yangdo but I can help you pay via KR Bank. Before you ask proxy buying, please double check all details and information of the item. If it's paid and mostly I check out the soonest (If I'm not busy ) So please check your link very well, your item , variant, details and quantities before asking proxy buying. I don't accept cancelation once I process your order.

My charge is W3,000  /  $3    per check out. If you will pay via paypal, charge will be depending on the exchange rate in Paypal, not in google rate.  If you will pay directly in our website, you need to add 5% for the website commission and exchange rate loss. 

Warehouse fee is still different from purchase fee.

* Para nasa sa PH Peso, ang rate ko ay WON ÷22 = PH Peso. Wala na po etong warehouse fee. 


Payment first before I Will check out your order. 

For more details, you can message me in Instagram mrsmunkorea.

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