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HOW TO ORDER Outside The website

HOW TO ORDER Outside The website

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There are ways how to order in our shop. 

 If you want hassle-free , just click and add to cart the items you want here in our website.   

    But if your country is not yet listed in shopify upon check out, or you want to consolidate your order in 1 box , please check these guide well.  

    • List your order or add to cart the items you want to order and screenshot and send it to us via email Or you can Direct Message the order list  in our Instagram mrsmunkorea
    • Note us what payment option you will use Paypal G&S for $USD (expect to pay the charges and exchange rate charges) WISE for Korean Won (cheaper option used by many clients or Direct deposit to my Korean Bank , BDO or BPI for Philippine Peso.
    • If you want to keep the items while waiting for other items' release , pay first the available items. Keeping time is until 1 month only (except for special cases the pre order you bought from us will take long time.)
    • Inform us what country we will send your package. Please no trial packing. We can consolidate/pack your items once all are complete. Computation of international shipping fee is base on the package final kilo and volume ( LxWxH ), surcharges and fuel taxes. If the final computation is done, we will send you your invoice. We can only send the package once it is fully paid. 
    • You can also opt send it to another Korean address. A tracking will be given after the pick up of your package is done. Only paid packages will be sent.

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